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MOSO Power Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002660) launched its corporate management reform project on March 10, 2023 to further improve its strategic management, enhance innovation and competitive advantage, as well as boost internal management.

Present at the launch event included Gu Yongde, founder and general manager of MOSO Power, Wang Bo, project director of Ernst & Young Global Consulting Services, and more than 40 representatives from MOSO Group’s management team and business units.

The year 2023 represents the first year of implementing the ethos of the 20th CPC National Congress, and also the year of MOSO Power’s three-year plan to seize opportunities and accelerate high-quality development. MOSO Power will focus on annual objectives and key tasks, prioritize industrial expansion, improvement of innovation and product quality, as well as accelerate the implementation of its global expansion strategy.

At the beginning of the event, Wang Bo gave a briefing on the project plan, work concept, specific implementation plan and cooperation in the promotion of MOSO Power’s management reform project.

As one of the world’s leading consulting service providers with over 760 offices in more than 150 countries, Ernst & Young provides global consulting, transaction, audit and integrated tax services. Ernst & Young has a strong presence in China, establishing 33 branches in key cities across the country. It is committed to providing a full range of consulting services from strategy, management to system implementation.


In his speech, Gu said MOSO Power is showing renewed vigor following the support of Jinan state-owned assets, under the new development model of mixed-ownership companies. MOSO Power is currently expanding the new development model to fast-track business growth. MOSO Power needs to establish an advanced management system to meet development needs in the new era, support the realization of its future strategic development goals, enhance adaptability to the external environment, and promote long-term sustainable development. MOSO Power is expected to achieve management reform with the help of Ernst & Young.

The founder added that the company has set up a management reform leadership team for smooth implementation of the project. It’s hoped that both parties will work together to efficiently promote the company’s management reform process in the next six months. Meanwhile, Gu hoped that every management team can improve their responsibilities, take into account the company’s development in management reform, and implement the following four points:

  1. Change ideas and think first – Firmly believe that the only thing constant is change, establish an innovative mindset of change to cope with change, and have the courage to embrace change.
    2. Raise awareness and unify thinking – It is important to recognize the significance of implementing the project, actively respond and communicate, so that the project team can make accurate judgments and provide better guidance.
    3. Make every effort to be accountable for results – The implementation of the project requires the full cooperation of the company’s senior leadership, all units and departments, and every management team should have a high sense of responsibility and mission.
    4. Believe in professionalism and take the initiative to learn – Consultants have a wealth of experience in the industry, and are expected to continue learning and applying new methods and skills, as well as realize their career values.

Gu placed high expectations on the project, stating that MOSO Power’s implementation of management reform is needed to respond to market changes, achieve effective governance, and realize the company’s long-term development. “Through management diagnostics and consulting, the reform project will ultimately realize the optimization of the management mechanism, strengthen the standardization of operating procedures, boost the company’s management and economic benefits, and push the company to a new level of high-quality development,” he added.

Before ending his speech, Gu read out the Resolution on the Establishment of Management Reform for MOSO Power Leadership Team and announced the official launch of the project. He hoped the project would achieve the expected results.

March 13, 2023

The 16th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security (Security China) was held at Beijing Shougang Exhibition Center from June 7-10, 2023.

The exhibition has been held for 15 years, attracting over 1,000 exhibitors from more than 40 countries and more than 1 million visitors. It is a premier exhibition in the Chinese security industry and an influential security expo on the global stage.

Themed “Innovation and Digitalization – Intelligence Empowering Security”, this year’s exhibition attracted over 500 major companies from China and other countries in showcasing video surveillance, access control, security inspection and explosion-proof, physical protection, data application and security products, as well as anti-theft alarms. Innovative use of unmanned security systems, information security, human biometrics, emergency rescue, Internet of Things, generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) in public safety were also highlighted, promoting industry innovation and progress, enhancing international exchanges and cooperation, and expanding the influence of China’s security industry.

MOSO Power Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002660) participated at Security China 2023 to demonstrate its breakthroughs and achievements in consumer electronics power supplies, and exchange ideas on development trends and opportunities in the industry, laying a solid foundation in realizing high-quality development.

During the exhibition, MOSO Power’s SPS BU exhibited products such as power adapters, PD chargers, industrial control systems and paralleled power supplies in the consumer electronics segment, with visitors showing interest in these products. The A30-180W projector driver and N30-24-60W series PoE security monitoring driver, which were unveiled at the exhibition, also gained the attention of merchants.

In particular, the LED drivers for security monitoring and industrial lighting received considerable attention from visitors. These products are well-received in the market, featuring high efficiency, stability and safety, and are widely used in security monitoring, smart homes and industrial automation.

As a global power supply solutions provider and leading enterprise in China’s power supply industry, MOSO Power upholds its “Innovative Technology, Product is King” development strategy. “, in terms of consumer electronic power supply, implements the design concept of “choosing height and standing” and “one meter wide, 10,000 meters deep”, guided by the strategy of key customers, focusing on product upgrading and expansion needs of VIP customers in the industry.

Three major product lines of power adapters, PD chargers and drivers for industrial use have been developed for 13 product segments, including network communication systems, set-top boxes, security, display/laser projectors, audio equipment, commercial printers, motor drivers, communications, industrial equipment and custom power supplies, as well as power over ethernet injectors.

Our cost-effective products feature innovative designs and a high degree of customer customization. Through “Fusion Digital Power” technology, the optimized combination of analog and digital components in switch mode power supply, multi-patented digital control technology and use of third-generation semiconductors has further expanded our range of drivers for consumer electronic devices.

Looking ahead, China’s security sector will continue to integrate new technologies, accelerate digital transformation, and build a digital intelligence industry ecosystem to address shortcomings in the supply chain, promote more development opportunities and a brighter future. MOSO Power will continue to practice its “Innovative Technology, Product is King” strategy, and constantly promote product research and development and technological innovation to provide high-quality and convenient power supply solutions. Efforts will also be made to strengthen exchanges and collaboration with industry players in promoting technological progress, industrial upgrading and prosperity in China’s security industry.

August 2, 2023

Qorvo’s New 750V Gen 4 SiC FET

Qorvo recently announced its surface-mount TO-leadless (TOLL) package for 750V/5.4mΩ silicon carbide (SiC) field effect transistors (FETs), enhancing the company’s performance and expanding its groundbreaking Gen 4 SiC FETs portfolio. This is the first product in a family of 750V SiC FETs that will be released in the TOLL package with on-resistance ranging from 5.4 mΩ to 60 mΩ. These devices are ideal for space-constrained applications, such as solid-state relays and circuit breakers that can handle 100A and AC/DC power supplies ranging from hundreds to thousands of watts.

With the acquisition of UnitedSiC in October 2021, Qorvo has built a high-performance portfolio of SiC-based FET products, enabling the company to offer power solutions across applications such as power conversion, motion control and circuit protection.

Challenging Applications

The new devices address the size, efficiency and cost of server power supplies, where power density has increased to over 100W/in. This is because the processor consumes a lot of power and requires more power for the same size (>3 kW per AC/DC PSU). Similarly, solid-state circuit breakers require solutions for space-constrained applications where active cooling is an option and can withstand high current and voltage.

Qorvo’s new TOLL package devices fulfil these requirements for the following reasons:

Reduced package footprint
A thinner package allows thicker heat sinks
Low power loss
Adopts surface-mount technology for automated assembly onto PCB daughter boards to reduce costs
Low resistance per package eliminates the need for multiple FETs in parallel
High current carrying capacity and longer short-circuit withstand time
Noise resistance with adequate response time

traditional D3-PAK packages, as shown in Figure 2.
TOLL features reduced footprint and height compared to conventional D2-PAK packages, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Low R DS(on) Surface Mount Product Dimensions—The D2PAK7L with the TOLL (Qorvo) 4th Generation SiC FET provides unmatched performance in terms of the key figure of merit for RDS(on)

Furthermore, the device has an RDS(on) of 5.4 mΩ in a TOLL package, which is 4 to 10 times lower than GaN transistors, SiC MOSFETs and best-in-class silicon MOSFETs. The SiC FET’s 750V rating is also 100 to 150V higher than other technologies, which significantly improves design margins for handling voltage transients.

As shown in Figure 1, the TOLL package has a 30% smaller footprint and 50% shorter height (2.3 mm) than comparable D2PAK surface-mount alternatives. The TOLL package also features a Kelvin source connection for reliable high-speed switching.


The new SiC FET utilizes Qorvo’s unique cascode circuit configuration, where a SiC JFET is co-packaged with a silicon MOSFET to create a device that takes advantage of the efficiency benefits of wide bandgap switch technology, as well as the simpler gate drive of silicon MOSFETs. SiC JFETs offer the same RDS(on) as SiC MOSFETs, but require a smaller chip area and are usually located on the device. Combining a SiC JFET with a normally-off silicon MOSFET, the cascode circuit configuration retains the benefits of JFET and is compatible with standard SiC MOSFETs. It is a normally-off configuration that is clear to the customer and has a standard three-terminal device with gate, source and drain.

technology and the simpler gate drive of silicon MOSFETs. SiC JFETs provide the same RDS(on) as SiC MOSFETs, but require a smaller chip area and are typically located on the device. Combining SiC JFETs with normally off silicon MOSFETs, the common-source common-gate configuration retains the benefits of JFETs while allowing compatibility with standard SiC MOSFETs. The common-source gate is a normally closed configuration that is transparent to the customer and has a standard three-terminal device with gate, source, and drain.

The new FETs achieve an industry-leading 0.1°C/W thermal resistance from junction to case, despite the size reduction. The new 750V/5.4mΩ UJ4SC075005L8S utilizes an advanced manufacturing process (e.g., sintered chip mount) and features a 120A current rating up to case temperatures of 144°C while the pulsed current rating is 588A up to 0.5ms.

Combined with ultra-low on-resistance, high T j(max) of 175°C and excellent transient thermal behavior, this results in an “I 2 t” rating that is about 8 times better than a silicon MOSFET in the same package, boosting robustness and immunity to transient overloads, while also simplifying the design. Moreover, the overcurrent of the SiC FET is 2.8 times higher than the RDS(on) silicon MOSFET in the same package (tp~0.5-1 ms). This is illustrated in Fig. 2, which shows the pulse current versus pulse width for silicon and SiC FETs in a TOLL package.

Figure 2: Pulse Width vs. (Square) Pulse Current of 750V/5.4mΩ SiC FETs vs. RDS(on) 600V Silicon MOSFETs in TOLL Packages (Qorvo) These new ultra-low RDS(on)

Comparison of pulse width and (square wave) pulse current of a 750V/5.4mΩ SiC FET with a RDS(on) 600V silicon MOSFET in a TOLL package.

These new ultra-low RDS(on) TOLL devices are ideal for applications with thermal challenges in small enclosed locations without active cooling due to low conduction losses, compact size, high surge durability, and excellent shutdown capability as they can reduce heat dissipation and prevent the need for multiple FETs in parallel.


July 21, 2023

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